Hess Trucking Co., 5737 Grayson Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111 1.800.733.2509

With over 45 years of experience, Hess Trucking Co. understands the importance of delivering your merchandise to its destination, undamaged and on time. Efficiency and quality is standard practice with our staff of dedicated transportation industry professionals who pride themselves in over 99% claim-free service.

Direct communication between drivers, dispatchers and our entire staff allows for efficient and prompt service should and questions arise about your shipment. With the latest technologies at work for you, Hess makes it possible to track your shipment in real time. By placing a simple call to any of our experienced dispatchers or customer service personnel, they will access advanced satellite tracking or a computerized database for instant delivery updates. Receive emailed proof of delivery for any shipment of a time sensitive nature or receive monthly computerized transit studies and EDI capabilities. Hess also makes it easy for established customers to view delivery documents online by clicking on Shipment Tracing on the left side of this page.

All of these tools can easily help you make sensible transportation decisions that fit your own specific needs.


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