Hess Trucking Co., 5737 Grayson Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111 1.800.733.2509


Harrisburg Terminal
5737 Grayson Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111
Corporate 1.800.733.2509 or 717.561.8344

William G. Nelson
Joseph C. Underkoffler
President EMAIL
Debra A. Harner
Vice President, Finance EMAIL

General Office 1.800.733.2509 or 717-561-8344 Fax: 717-561-8310

Mark Watkins
Director of Operations EMAIL
Mitchell Graeff
Director of Safety EMAIL
Robert J. Hull
Traffic Manager EMAIL
Kenneth Snyder
Director of EDI/IT/OSD/Warehouse EMAIL
Tim Ecker
Accounting EMAIL
Joe Rosiek
Business Development Specialist EMAIL

Dispatch 1.800.733.2349 or 717.561.8344 Fax:717.561.8469

Mary Poor
Customer Service Clerk, Tracing EMAIL
Erica Gusler
Mark Watkins
Terminal Manager EMAIL
Appointment Scheduling EMAIL
Evening Operations/ Dispatch EMAIL 

Kittanning Terminal
150 South Park Drive, Kittanning, PA 16201
Dispatch 1.866.861.9503 or 724.545.9696 Fax: 724.548.2660

Katie Wadding
Terminal Manager EMAIL
Mark Laux
Customer Service EMAIL

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